Nix Tactical EDC™

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The Nix tactical EDC appeals to those that don't necessarily want all of the bells and whistles of the other two products, but still want a personal safety device that can help protect themselves in dangerous situations. 

Equipped with a glass breaker, it can be used to bust out of car windows if trapped inside. It can also be used for self defense if needed. The Nix Tactical EDC's light but sturdy aluminum frame makes it an efficient force multiplier that can be used in various ways to free oneself from an attacker. Our self defense expert Jen Sawicki demonstrates these methods in self defense training videos that are free to the public on our website. Go check them out at

It also has an incredibly smooth fine pointed writing experience, making it something that students will want to carry on themselves every day. It also includes an extra custom embroidered ink cartridge that can be inserted when the first ink cartridge runs out.

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