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The NixAlarm is not just a small safety alarm that fits on a keychain. Its compact design makes it easy to take anywhere, whether the student is coming home from a night class, a party, or a campus event. It Includes a bright LED flashlight to help guide the way at night, and also includes a 120-decibel alarm to help scare away potential threats and attacks. 

The NixAlarm was made by students for students. It is the only alarm on the market that uses peripheral warning lights that can help attract attention from bystanders in the surrounding area. This combination of the loud 120 decibel alarm and the peripheral warning lights create a unique combination that engages both the sight and sound of people that could potentially help in a threatening situation.

The best part about the NixAlarm is that it is USB chargeable. Students are tired of wasting their time looking for those impossible to find small batteries! All you need to do is plug the NixAlarm in for 45 minutes and then it is ready to go. The USB charger is included in the product package. 

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