The best way to stay safe is to be aware of your surroundings. Remember to stay alert and walk with a purpose. Keep your NixPen™ clipped on at easy access in case of confrontation. When activating the alarm, be careful not to muffle the sound ports for loudest sound. Please feel free to visit us at our website at to access our complimentary personal safety training videos.

 Flashlight: Click the gold light/alarm button once to turn on the flashlight. (Press the same button again to initiate strobe feature and click once more to turn it off).
 Alarm: Hold down gold light/alarm button for 2 seconds to initiate the SOS Alarm of up to 120db. (Press the same button to deactivate). Knife: Open knife by twisting counterclockwise above the writing grip indentations (approximately ¼ down the pen shaft). 
 Knife Removal: Remove the knife by twisting counterclockwise. Insert knife/tool card by placing inside the grooves and twisting clockwise. 
 Writing Function: Twist in the middle of the pen shaft counterclockwise and turn around the multi-use point and insert back into the pen shaft (where you pulled the pen tip from). Secure the pen by twisting clockwise.
 Ink Cartridge Replacement: Twist counterclockwise at the pen tip to reveal the ink cartridge that can be removed and replaced as needed. 
 To Charge: Turn the crown of the pen (flashlight side) counterclockwise to remove the crown casing and reveal USB charging port where USB charging cable can be inserted. Red= Charging, Green= Done.