NixPen Instructions

Safety No Matter Where You Are

Thank you for choosing the NixPen. See below for instructions on how to best use your new product.

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NixPen Features

LED Flashlight

120 Decibel Alarm

Stainless-Steel Blade

Glass Breaker

Pen Tip

USB Charger

Strobe Feature

Pocket Clip

Tool Insert

Extra Ink Cartridges Included

+ Clip your NixPen to your pocket or purse for safety anywhere, anytime.
+ Charge your NixPen for 45 minutes to get the full charge you need 

Simple To Use



Click the gold light/alarm button once to turn on the flashlight. (Press the same button again to initiate strobe feature and click once more to turn it off).


Hold down gold light/alarm button for 2 seconds to initiate the SOS Alarm of up to 120db. (Press the same button to deactivate).

Writing Function

Twist in the middle of the pen shaft counterclockwise and turn around the multi-use point and insert back into the pen shaft (where you pulled the pen tip from). Secure the pen by twisting clockwise.

Charging Your Device

Turn the crown of the pen (flashlight side) counterclockwise to remove the crown casing and reveal USB charging port where USB charging cable can be inserted. Red= Charging, Green= Done.

Tool Feature

Open the tool by twisting counterclockwise above the writing grip indentations (approximately 1/4 down the pen shaft). Functions: Bottle opener, hex wrench, flat head screwdriver and serrated edge.

See How The NixPen Works

Watch this video to see the NixPen in action


Carrying this pen gave me the confidence to go out on my first date since leaving an abusive relationship.

Caroline L.

College Student
This is now a part of my every day carry. As a runner, martial artist and father, this is a solid force multiplier that provides simple effective protection when deployed. I bought a bakers' dozen to share with my daughters and friends. Thanks NIXPD systems!


Father of Girls
I travel all the time for work, and the NixPen has finally given me the confidence of safety when I am alone.

Ellie C.

Working Woman
I finally feel safe at campus, which I haven't felt in the past. I feel good about walking to class or home from class.


College Student
The Nix Pen is just what I need when I am traveling for work, It helps me feel safe and is discrete enough to take anywhere, anytime.

Kate G

Working Woman


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