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One Is Too Many

11.2% of all college students experience sexual assault of some kind. That’s according to RAINN, an anti-sexual violence organization.

If you are a college student, that means out of every 100 people you meet on campus, 11 of them have experienced sexual assault. That is way too high.

IT’S ON US to end this!

We designed the Nix Pen to combat this epidemic. That’s why part of every purchase goes to “It’s On Us,” an advocacy group fighting sexual assault on a college campus.

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"It gives me a piece of mind that my teenage daughter can go out and be safe. I highly recommend this for every girl and woman."

- Jenny

“Very clever design. I bought it for my wife and will be buying for my daughters next. Awesome product.”

- John G.

"The Nix Pen is just what I need when I am traveling for work. It helps me feel safe and is discrete enough to take anywhere, anytime."

- Ellie C.

“This is now a part of my (EDC) every day carry. As a runner, martial artist and father this is a solid force multiplier that provides simple effective protection when deployed. 

I bought a bakers’ dozen to share with my daughters and friends. 

Thanks  NIXPD system!!”

- Rick T.